What are constellations piercings and how to style them?

If you’re a regular scroller of the Instagram discover page you will have seen girls show off their delicate clusters of earrings dotted across their lobes. To the everyday eye, these are simply a collection of piercings, but really there's a lot of thought that goes into the placing, design and jewellery in these curated ear collections. These are what we call constellation piercings.

These collections of unique piercings are tailored to an individual's style and ears to create distinctive patterns and mimic the look of stars in the sky. Carefully curated shapes, textures and colours are used to create different constellation styles and pretty patterns.

Don’t be fooled though, constellation piercings can take time and a lot of thought, but fear not, we’ve rounded up our top tips on how to create your own.

How to start your constellation piercings?

The humble beginnings of constellation piercings could have started by poorly skilled piecers who had accidentally placed a piercing in a wonky or wrong place to then be remedied by an experienced piecer to create a unique design to incorporate all your piercings together - kind of like a covering up an old tattoo.

These accidentally on purpose piercings are the perfect way to start a constellation. Because each piercer will usually tailor the collection to an individual’s style it makes it easier to create small and delicate clusters from existing piercings. You never know that oddly angled lobe piercing, slightly off centred, could be the start of a perfect constellation.

If you were one of the lucky ones who are still on their original first lobes or no piercings at all, you can start your design from scratch with no restrictions. Have a chat with your piercer before you commit to anything, they can help you decide on placement and jewellery as well.

Instagram can also be an amazing place for inspiration, save a few pictures before you go and see if you can work them into your own design.

Most importantly though, you need to decide what piercing you want to start with, you’ve got a few to choose from:


Types of piercings

Helix - The upper cartilage in your ear, which can be easily stacked on top on each other

Daith - The innermost cartilage and the smallest fold in the top of your ear

Rook - Similar to the daith, the uppermost cartilage, but at the flat of your ear

Tragus - The part right in front of your ear canal

Lobe - The standard - just the lobe of your ear

How to care for your piercings?

Most experts recommend getting between three to five piercings in one go to allow them to properly heal and to help avoid infection. That means starting with a couple on each lobe to create a cluster and perhaps a more intricate cartilage piercing as well.

There are also a few things to think about before you get your piercings which are important for keeping them infection-free and looking their best.

The most important thing to remember is to do your research. Make sure you find a piercing shop that is clean and honest in their work. Read reviews online, check their website and Instagram for examples and make sure you feel comfortable when you're there.

Everyone who's ever had a piercing before will know that aftercare is a bit of a pain, but absolutely essential. Always remember to keep the same jewellery in for six to eight weeks, clean regularly with a cleaning solution from the shop or salt and warm water and try, as hard as it may be, not to touch them.

What kind of jewellery is best?

Picking the right jewellery to start off your piercing constellation is the best and hardest part. At a good piercing shop, they will usually insist on piercing with their own earrings for ease and to prevent infection. So it's important you find a shop who’s jewellery you like and would be happy to keep.

Our favourite constellations include a mix of small hoops, dainty studs and a few more statement pieces like moons, stars or bars. Alternating between different textures, and even metals can give the piercings design depth and interest.

After doing a bit of research it's easy to see that minimal is better for constellations, otherwise there is a risk of taking away from the arrangements themselves.

We’ve found a few of our favourite constellations to give you a little bit of inspo:

Simple but effective: The perfect start to any constellation, simple jewellery, unique patterns and delicate detail.

Classic constellation 🌙: A classic range of stars, crescent moons and hoops to create different textures and a detailed design.

Glitz and glam: A mix of metals, jewels and sizes to create a more statement constellation.

Hidden constellations: using the classic constellation ideas but done in a way not to look purposeful, a careful design to suit any style.

Cluster queen 👑: A dainty array of well planned clusters for girls with slightly bigger lobes and more space to work with.


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