Moonstone Meanings, Properties & Benefits

Where does moonstone come from?

Moonstone originates from the feldspar mineral family, made up of alternating layers of orthoclase and albite. These interlocking layers cause light to refract at different angles, producing the pearly iridescence that moonstone is so famous for. Depending on the composition of each individual rock, these unique properties cause each one to encompass a different colourful glow.

Found in various countries including Australia, India and Sri Lanka, the stone can be found in an array of different colours, which all carry their own specific meaning. From being sewn into garments in arabic countries to being made into gypsy-themed jewellery in the west, these crystals have a place in endless cultures across the world.


Moonstones have often been linked to their mythic folklore origins. It brings together the most feminine and celestial counterparts of mythical history, making it clear why it stands out as such a distinct and magical gem. 

The Greeks named these gems after their beloved lunar deities. They incorporated the goddess of love, Aphrodite and the goddess of the moon, Selene, and called the stone ‘Aphroselene’. It has also been said that Selene travelled the night sky itself, protecting lost travellers from danger. Many Ancient Greek books also talk about Nyx, the goddess of night, who painted the night sky with moonstone from her chariot. 

The Romans had their own beliefs for the origins of this stone, too. They believed them to be solidified moonbeams, and honoured their goddess of the moon, Diana, with moonstone offerings. 

Properties and benefits

Moonstone can often be a signifier of new beginnings, whether this be spiritual, physical or more terrestrial, such as through travel. With its unlimited healing properties, wearing these stones can encourage those who carry it to release negative past experiences and accept new beginnings. Similar to the monthly lunar cycles, these crystals promise hope in beginning anew.


These unique gems can ease the wearer into the start of a new cycle. Each cycle is a chance for a new energy transformation, to start fresh. As the stone concerns mostly feminine energies, it can be used to regulate a woman’s natural cycles with its calming and nurturing effects. This, in turn, can balance out mood swings and provide expecting mothers with receptive and passive empathy, helping them become more connected with their unborn baby. The stone calls for a liberation of the inner goddess and allows her to tune into her natural mothering instincts. It is perfect for soothing the mind to provide an understanding of life’s ebbs and flows, creating the perfect supportive environment for prospective mothers.


Such new beginnings may be physical or even spiritual journeys. For travellers, raw moonstone can be a talisman of hope. Similar to the way the moonlight guides us at the darkest hours, these crystals can provide hope when we get lost on our travels or paths of faith, offering protection and guidance. The gem’s silvery white light can act as a torch, highlighting the correct path and providing luck. Crystals are best used during journeys across water, as it is indeed the moon that controls the pull of the waves.


Those on a meditative journey will can benefit from using a moonstone charm. Whether through meditation alone or through yoga, incorporating these crystals will greatly improve the wearer’s experience as it can increase spiritual intuition. These gems enhance an openness that allows us to see what may not be obvious at first glance - understanding new situations in a different light. As the moonstone is mostly associated with the crown chakra, it should be held to the forehead during practice for optimum effect. 

Crown Chakra

A chakra is simply an energy source in the body, of which there are seven. For metitative practices, the crown chakra should be focused on the most. With this chakra, one can expect to find otherworldly wisdom and connect with the divine. As Moonstone is a protective stone, it can provide protection through the journey of finding one's true inner being. Not only will it connect you to your higher self, but a higher understanding of the world, as the crown chakra is concerned with both one’s perception of themselves and others. 

This newfound enlightened wisdom is one of many properties of moonstone that attracts both beginners and even the most practised spiritualists - fortune tellers have been known to surround their crystal balls with these stones for further connection to the spiritual planes.

Moonstone colour variations

The majority of stones are found with a naturally stunning pearly iridescence. Depending on the ratio of minerals within and the way the light scatters across the interlocking layers, an array of different coloured moonstones can be created. A stone with more albite, for example, will appear more milky white. Stones containing less will have more colourful appearances, varying from peach, blue, pink and yellow. 

The famous metallic iridescence is mostly prevalent among rainbow moonstones. It was even once believed that the stone’s appearance shifted with the monthly changes of the moon. Each colour, as with most precious gems, provide moonstones with their own unique meaning.


Often containing a large amount of albite, this white mineral can cause these gems to appear like miniature fragments of the moon itself, often appearing to emanate an ethereal white light. Known by Indian legends as ‘Dream Stones’, white crystals are, by both aesthetic and meaning, a more dreamy stone. A stone of the night, white gems harness the moon's magic energy. This means it is best used at night, for issues related to sleep. These white gemstones promise to lure those who place a stone under their pillow or mattress into a deep, uninterrupted slumber. Channeling the natural rhythms of the moon, the stone’s natural serenity can help sleeplessness and even prevent nightmares. 


Stones with an especially blue hue are predominantly found in Southeast India. They are among the most rare types of moonstone - the more blue the lustre, the more valuable they are. This clarity allows the wearer to see oneself and understand their own issues more clearly. It brings clarity to our emotional vision, allowing us to identify toxic patterns in our life and guide us onto a better path. Blue tones often exhibit a natural aesthetic phenomenon called ‘adularescence’. It is a circular formation of light that mimics that of a cat's eye within the stone, owing to its heightened value among the other types of stone.


Peach moonstones have healing properties most suited to cure negative mental states by promoting boundless, loving energy. It works by soothing and calming, making it most beneficial for sensitive people. Through nurturing a sense of internal safety, those who wear peach stones become more receptive to positive energies. This can encourage us to become more accepting and acquire an understanding of what we can and can't change in our lives. Accepting the natural flow of life allows us to focus our energy more on self love, self worth and trusting the universe’s mystical ways.


Found in India and Madagascar, rainbow gems are among the most interesting of feldspars. The rock acts as a prism, refracting light into its separate colours. Light splits within these stones to create a cloud of colour within. Similarly, these stones can diffuse light freely throughout our aura, balancing its healing powers equally across all chakras. 

As the moonstone is famous for its calming properties, they have also been known to ease rash, emotional responses providing mental balance. This newfound clear headedness allows us to become more open to new opportunities - as with each moon cycle comes a new perspective and fresh start.


Though one of three birthstones for June, moonstone is arguably the most popular. Believed to bring good fortune and success in love and life, it promises to balance and provide both in abundance. Those born in June should be ready to receive a newfound passion in life, fuelled by inspiration and creativity. Think of your new birth year as a chance for new beginnings, whether this be a personal journey of yours or a special birthday trip away. Being a stone of journeys, the gem offers a path to greatness, no matter where you go.

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