The Ultimate Ring Styling Guide

What Is Ring Stacking?

In this ring stacking 101 lesson we will give you the lowdown on getting the most out of your favourite jewellery and giving your fingers the dress up they truly deserve. If you’re new to stacking your rings, don't worry - we'll guide you through!

From different metals, shapes and sizes (oh my!), there is no end to the beautiful combinations that can be made with your jewellery! Check out these top easy-to-follow guidelines for giving your fingers a glow up! 

The Lowdown on Ring Types

Midi Rings

Midi Rings are dainty little rings that are designed slightly smaller and are intended to fit between the first and second knuckle of a finger.

They make your hands look oh so delicately decorated and perfectly complement other rings when worn together. These elegant rings not only add a touch of modest sparkle if you wear them sparingly, but also help to balance out the other rings in your stack.

Match a few across your hand with a single statement ring (such an engagement ring) to make it stand out, or stack a few across the top or bottom of your fingers to even out any chunky rings.

Statement Rings

Statement rings are definitely one of our faves - they not only stand out for a more colourful and personalised look, but you can also create so many different looks with just a few different statement rings.

Our crystals and gems come in all unique and beautiful shapes. If you're new to colour theory, we recommend picking colours that are harmonious to each other (like red, orange and yellow) or pick two colours that are contrasting - (like purple & green) for a cohesive look that can't go wrong.

Gemstone Rings

Gemstones are a perfect way to really connect with your jewellery. Not only do they each have different meanings, but can also help you change your mood, be more present, and also remind you of your intentions.

For example, one of our most popular crystals: amethyst, is a protective and calming stone. It can help you relieve stress & anxiety and protect you from harm. Whereas moonstone is a crystal that signifies your own inner strength and strengthens new beginnings via promoting inspiration and success for the wearer.

Including a gemstone ring not only brings colour to your ring stack but also helps centre your mind and help remind you of what's important to you.

Tips on wearing Multiple Rings

Mixing Metals

Don’t fall victim to the fashion faux pas of mix and matching your metals - if you’re after a cohesive look, then we suggest keeping it simple.

1. Pick one type: either gold or silver and stick to that base colour for that set.

2. Match the metal of your rings, necklaces and belt to really make your outfit look put together!

3. Next level: once you've stacked your rings like a pro, match the gemstones of your rings to your earrings. Check out our beautiful crystal jewellery collection here to see what colours & shapes you can match together!

Stacking Different Rings

Depending on what sort of look you’re after, remember that your jewellery is a means for you to be creative. Got plenty of rings but just can’t decide on a couple? Grab your most stackable rings of different textures and sizes-wearing your largest at the bottom and stack the thinner ones at the top. This creates the impression of layers and the different textures allow for an all-round more balanced look!

Channel Your Energy Via Your Fingers

Palmistry is the expression of one’s future or fortune through your hands. What better way to express this than through your rings?

Each finger connects to a different celestial planet, and you can coordinate your rings depending on which one you’d like to channel the most.

You may want to increase your chances of success by stacking rings on your third finger using the pull of Apollo. Or perhaps increase your intelligence by concentrating on your little finger - stacked midi rings would be perfect for this!

Leave One Finger Bare

One rule (that's not necessary, but we like to follow is that) when wearing multiple rings, it's best to leave one finger bare. It doesn’t matter which finger you choose, but it prevents your hands from looking a little too overcrowded - sometimes less is more!

We usually leave at least the pinky or thumb bare so that our look doesn't get too crazy too quickly.

Personalise Your Stack

Another great way to really customize & connect with your jewellery is to match your birth month with its matching birthstone.

If you were born in August or October, for example, our peridot rings and opal ring collection have got you covered.

Shopping for your bestie, mum or sister? Find out their birthstone and get matching shaped crystals but in your own birth months.

Pick a theme

The fun thing about jewellery is that you can change up your style each and every day

If you’re interested in the healing abilities of clear and rose quartz, you might opt for a few items picked from our clear quartz collectionfor an overall crystal theme.

Our popular bohemian ring collection is so easy to mix and match to create the ultimate modern boho look. This theme features lots of teardrop-shaped crystals, patterned ring bands and unique crystals.

If you're a minimalist - go for plain ring bands, and pair them up with single coloured or clear coloured crystals, for a dainty & modern look.

We want to see how you style multiple rings - tag us in your photos! 💍

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