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Amethysts Have a Fascinating History

Found in a multitude of interesting rock forms such as geodes and gem clusters, amethysts have a history as interesting as their crystalline appearance. As the ancient Greek legend goes, these gemstones are named after a young mortal woman named Amethyst. The Greek wine god, Baccus, became enraged due to an insult, and promised to kill the first mortal he met in order to avenge himself. Amethyst unwittingly came under his fire whilst visiting the shrine of the moon goddess, Diana. 

As Baccus approached with his tigers, to protect Amethyst, Diana immediately sprung to life and turned Amethyst into pure, solid crystal. In his guilt, Baccus then poured grape juice over Amethysts crystallised body, giving the crystal its famous purple complexion.

Keep Your Cool With Their Soothing Properties

Originating from the Greek work ‘ametusthos’ which means ‘sobriety’, amethyst is known for its sobering properties. Romans even drank from amethyst studded goblets to ensure they wouldn’t be too intoxicated. 

Often recognised as the ‘artist’s stone’, the amethyst necklace is a thoughtful gift if you’re after a gemstone that will work to inspire creativity and banish writer’s block. Helping to balance your emotions, why not shop our unique amethyst rings that have a range of stunning and mystical purple hues.

If you’re after a piece of our amethyst jewellery to manifest positivity in your life, then the amethyst gemstone is for you. By converting any negative energy into positive, loving energy, the amethyst can be worn in a necklace to manifest a pure energy, closest to your heart.

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