Mystic Bohemian Stud Earrings - Sterling Silver
Show off your magical side with our mystic boho stud earrings. Once worn, these earrings will be the centerpiece among other minimal studs in your earring stack. Each piece features a circular patterned earring, hand-crafted, and detailed with silver beads....
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Star & Crescent Moon Sleeper Earrings - Sterling Silver
The Star & Crescent Moon Sleeper Earrings are the perfect pair for those who would like to keep it simple but creative. These sleeper earrings are relatively minimal in style as it hangs close to the lobe. These dainty silver sleepers...
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Clear Quartz Crystal Sleeper Earrings - Sterling Silver
Our Clear Quartz Earrings are a pair of lightweight and minimally-designed sleeper earrings with a mini clear quartz charm on each hoop. You’ll have an easy time wearing these earrings at any time or pairing them with other jewels. The natural...
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Sterling Silver Bohemian Earring Hoops - Wild Heart
Level up your ear game with these intricate yet fabulous bohemian earring hoops. Each piece carries a mix of curves and circular lines that blend well with delicate silver beadwork. Together with their hooks, the earrings form a unique heart-shaped...
$55.00 $27.00
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Crescent Moon Sleeper Earrings - Sterling Silver
Designed with a hoop style, the Crescent Moon Sleeper Earrings are composed of sterling silver with a dainty moon charm. Charming and minimal, these earrings are perfect to start accessorizing without being over-the-top. Its high-polished finished and uncomplicated design makes...
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Tri-Dot Earring Hoops - Sterling Silver
The Tri-Dot Earring Hoops are a beautiful pair of large hoops with triple dot detailing around the hoops and a hinged closure. Perfect for a modern gypsy look or finishing off any Coachella festival ensemble. The tri-dot is a common...
$42.00 $24.00
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Tri-Dot Circle Stud Earrings - Sterling Silver
Feeling the boho vibe but also want a versatile everyday piece? These sterling silver tri-dot circle studs are the perfect minimal piece to accompany you every day. Created with simplicity in mind, this design is an easy way for bohemian girls...
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Crescent Moon Stud Earrings - Sterling Silver
Want to add celestial sparkle to your overall look? Our sterling silver crescent moon studs can do the job! These cute, modestly-designed studs match well with various colors and outfits — easily wearable at any time of the day. The...
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Minimal Bar Threader Earrings - Sterling Silver
The Bar Threader Earrings are a pair of minimal silver posts connected by a fine chain that you can thread through any piercing. Get creative by threading through multiple lobe piercings or a substitute to the regular industrial bar piercing....
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Clear Quartz Crystal Hoop Earrings - Sterling Silver
Stay on-trend with our clear quartz crystal hoop earrings. These pieces feature minimalist, cool C-shaped hoops, each one attached to an icy beauty that is the polished clear quartz crystal charm. Clear quartz crystals offer protection against negative energies; wear...
$75.00 $65.00
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Star & Crescent Moon Threader Earrings - Sterling Silver
The Sterling Silver Star and Crescent Moon Threader Earrings are an edgy touch to your outfit as it shows two different shapes in one look. This pair features a star & moon charm on a slender chain you thread through...
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Gold North Star Sleeper Earrings - 18k Gold Vermeil
A symbol of hope and inspiration, our gold north star sleeper earrings are your charming accessory and a reminder of a new, better day. Basked in gold, these earrings will elegantly shine and turning heads. Wear them with your white-colored...
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Gold Star Sleeper Earrings - 18k Gold Vermeil
Our gold star sleeper earrings are cute, minimal earrings that you can wear everywhere you go. The simple design makes them easy to pair with a stunning neutral-colored dress or even an unusual boho outfit. Worn as a pair or...
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Clear Quartz Crystal Large Hoop Earrings - Sterling Silver
Accessorize with no fuss with our clear quartz large hoop earrings. These stunners come with no-clasp hoops; simply slip the hook into your lobe and you’re good to go! Each hoop is attached to a polished, hand-cut clear quartz crystal....
$79.00 $59.00
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Crescent Moon Threader Earrings - Sterling Silver
If you’re looking for a quirky jewellery to match your boho or gypsy outfit, don’t look past our crescent moon threader earrings! These are a basic choice if you want to keep it simple yet memorable. Worn as a single or pair,...
from $14.00
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North Star Sleeper Earrings - Sterling Silver
For magical girls who love everything celestial, the North Star Sleepers are the perfect pair of earrings for festival wear or evening date. Featuring one eight-pointed star charm per earring, this piece can be easily layered with other sleeper or...
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Seashell Sleeper Earrings - Sterling Silver
Need that one accessory to complete your boho beach outfit? Look no further! Our Seashell Sleeper Earrings are wearable day and night — show them off while you’re getting a tan or taking in the calm ocean breeze at night....
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Gold Star & Crescent Moon Sleeper Earrings - 18k Gold Vermeil
Our glamorous Gold Star & Crescent Moon Sleeper Earrings make for an attention-drawing look even when you pair them with your most casual clothes. These earrings feature mini crescent moon and star-shaped charms — a perfect pair to send out...
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Silver Star Sleeper Earrings - Sterling Silver
The Silver Star Sleeper Earrings are an excellent choice of jewellery for any style — casual, trendy, girly, boho, or edgy. Worn as a pair, these earrings are simple stunners detailed with minimal star charms. On your rebel days, try...
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Moon Stud Earrings - Sterling Silver
The Crescent Moon Stud Earrings are the perfect minimalist ensemble to add to your look, whether it's plain or creative. Its simple design fits both the plain yet elegant aesthetic and the colourful outfit as an accessory to balance the...
from $18.00
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North Star Threader Earrings - Sterling Silver
The North Star threader earrings are a favourite piece here at Alchemy HQ. This charming pair is designed with two connected north star charms on a fine silver chain and a silver bar ending. These earrings are detailed yet dainty and...
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Hanging Moon Drop Threader Earrings - 18k Gold Vermeil
Our 18k gold moon threaders are your jewellery of choice for a glam night with your family, friends, or SO. Hanging through the piercing on your lobe, these threaders feature a crescent moon-shaped charm and a vertical thin bar connected...
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Bohemian Sun Circle Stud Earrings - Sterling Silver
The Bohemian Sun Circle Studs are the stylish earrings you need to complement your boho-chic outfit. Perfect to wear with a minimal helix piece or symmetric drop earring, these ring-shaped studs are outlined with small, rounded beads — recreating the...
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Rectangular Gold Huggie Hoops - 18k Gold Plated
Cute gold rectangular huggies that are comfortable for everyday wear. Super easy to put on and take off & also easy to sleep with for someone who's fuss free. Available in a pair or just as a single earring to...
from $34.00
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Tri-Dot Hoop Earring Stud - Rose Gold
These cute boho tri-dot stud earrings are an easy piece to wear everyday. Material: 925 Sterling Silver BaseVermeil: 18k Rose Gold PlatingHeight: 20mmLength: 21mmWeight: 1.3gFinish: High Polish & Oxidised  
$25.00 $9.00
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Triple Shooting Star Earring Studs - Sterling Silver
These cute Triple Shooting Star Studs are a gorgeous pair of sterling silver earrings featuring three connected five pointed stars that curve with the lobe of your ear. A perfect dainty piece that can be worn both from work to...
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Twist Circle Earring Stud - Sterling Silver
The Twist Circle Earring Stud is a unique pair of sterling silver earrings perfect for any occasion — date night, Sunday picnic, a night out with friends - you name it! The stud features a hanging circle with twist detailing, creating...
$18.00 $7.00
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Star Drop Hook Earring - Sterling Silver
Our silver star drop hooks embody the three ‘M’s you’d love to see in earrings — modern, minimal, and memorable. These pieces are also designed to be worn easily, featuring a U-shaped ear wire to keep your earrings from slipping....
$35.00 $15.00
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Big Star Drop Earring Studs - Sterling Silver
The big star drop earring studs are the upgraded version of our small star drop earrings, designed to give you a more captivating look. Each piece features a clear-cut, classic star charm, which represents dreams, pursuits, and divine guidance. Wear...
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Big Star & Moon Drop Earring Studs - Sterling Silver
These star & moon studs feature one moon charm and one star charm dangling from a sterling silver ball.  These cute star & moon charms sway with you as you walk, creating shine and sparkle in your step. If you...
$23.00 $15.00
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There’s nothing quite special as finding that perfect pair of earrings… you know the ones we are talking about! Those earrings that suit your features and can be worn with pretty much ANY outfit. At House of Alchemy, we know that our customers aren’t just looking for those earrings that they can wear with the cute black number or the fabulous ball gown, but also with the white T and khaki shorts – or something that will give their work outfit just a little bit more pizzazz on the daily.

Whether you’re looking for something that will make you stand out from the crowd at a special occasion or something that will complement your look in your everyday activities – we have a plethora of bohemian earrings styles just for you.

What defines the bohemian style in an earring?

At House of Alchemy, we wanted to create jewellery that was unconventional; inspired by the wanderers, the curious, the conscious – by those who take the road less travelled. That’s where the bohemian style comes from. It’s all about small details and natural stones, about shying away from the norm and embracing your inner free spirit. The bohemian style is how we feel life should be lived.

That’s why we are so proud and excited to have a range of bohemian jewellery and bohemian earrings in Australia to our wonderful customers all over Australia and throughout the globe.

Our stunning range bohemian earrings online sums up the feeling and the creativity of the bohemian style. Whether you’re looking for crystal earrings, birthstone jewellery, moon & star symbols we've got it all!

All of our earrings have been created and designed using natural materials like natural stones and sterling silver, and the best thing is that no two are the same. Each pair of earrings is completely unique because of the natural shape and properties of the materials that we use; this means that no one else in the world will have the same pair of earrings as you do.

Why shop for your bohemian earrings with us

Well, obviously we’re a little biased, but that’s not just because it’s our business but because of the ethics, beauty and loving work that go into every single one of our bohemian jewellery pieces.

Our designs are only ordered in very small batches to keep our production low and consciously only order more when there is demand for it. We practise a zero waste office and and are paper free, we recycle all the packaging materials from our suppliers and if we need to repackage we opt for 100% recycled materials or biodegradeble supplies.

We also believe that when you shop for bohemian earrings and other incredible bohemian jewellery, then you shouldn’t have to break the bank to do it. We ensure that all of our bohemian jewellery isn’t just crafted from the finest natural materials but that is affordable for our customers too. Our ranges cater to everyone’s style and budget.

We’re local gals and we know how important it is to look after our community and that’s why when you shop with us, you can rest assured that your money is also doing good. We are working to partner with different charities to ensure that we are giving back and protecting our precious community and environment through the work that we do every day.

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