Star & Crescent Moon Sleeper Earrings - Sterling Silver
The Star & Crescent Moon Sleeper Earrings are the perfect pair for those who would like to keep it simple but creative. These sleeper earrings are relatively minimal in style as it hangs close to the lobe. These dainty silver sleepers...
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Clear Quartz Crystal Sleeper Earrings - Sterling Silver
*Please note this may need to be pre-ordered due to high popularity! Pre-order not to miss out. Once pre-ordered, we will notify you when you'll receive your earrings. Our Clear Quartz Earrings are a pair of lightweight and minimally-designed sleeper earrings with...
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Star Threader Earrings - Sterling Silver
Eye-catching and elegant, our star threader earrings feature a fine chain that’s connected to a shiny silver post and a star-shaped charm. Wear a pair in one of your ears to create an outfit eyecatcher. You can also loop the threader earring through multiple...
from $11.00
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Crescent Moon Stud Earrings - Sterling Silver
Want to add celestial sparkle to your overall look? Our sterling silver crescent moon studs can do the job! These cute, modestly-designed studs match well with various colors and outfits — easily wearable at any time of the day. The...
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Triple Shooting Star Earring Studs - Sterling Silver
These cute Triple Shooting Star Studs are a gorgeous pair of sterling silver earrings featuring three connected five pointed stars that curve with the lobe of your ear. A perfect dainty piece that can be worn both from work to...
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Small Star Drop Earring Studs - Sterling Silver
Featuring a small star charm dangling from a sterling silver ball stud, the star drop earrings make any outfit fun and chic. Purchase a single or pair to create your very own stellar look. Designed with everyday wear in mind, these earrings are...
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Crescent Moon Sleeper Earrings - Sterling Silver
Designed with a hoop style, the Crescent Moon Sleeper Earrings are composed of sterling silver with a dainty moon charm. Charming and minimal, these earrings are perfect to start accessorizing without being over-the-top. Its high-polished finished and uncomplicated design makes...
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Crescent Moon Threader Earrings - Sterling Silver
If you’re looking for a quirky jewellery to match your boho or gypsy outfit, don’t look past our crescent moon threader earrings! These are a basic choice if you want to keep it simple yet memorable. Worn as a single or pair,...
from $14.00
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Circle Bohemian Moonstone Stud Earrings - Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver Bohemian Moonstone Studs Material: Sterling SilverCrystal: MoonstoneLength: 7mmWidth: 7mmWeight: 0.8gFinish: High Polish & Oxidised
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Big Star & Moon Drop Earring Studs - Sterling Silver
These star & moon studs feature one moon charm and one star charm dangling from a sterling silver ball.  These cute star & moon charms sway with you as you walk, creating shine and sparkle in your step. If you...
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Mystic Bohemian Stud Earrings - Sterling Silver
Show off your magical side with our mystic boho stud earrings. Once worn, these earrings will be the centerpiece among other minimal studs in your earring stack. Each piece features a circular patterned earring, hand-crafted, and detailed with silver beads....
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Silver Star Sleeper Earrings - Sterling Silver
The Silver Star Sleeper Earrings are an excellent choice of jewellery for any style — casual, trendy, girly, boho, or edgy. Worn as a pair, these earrings are simple stunners detailed with minimal star charms. On your rebel days, try...
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Crescent Moon Stud Earrings with Chain - Sterling Silver
Looking for a unique piece to complete your moon goddess look? Our crescent moon chain studs are an easy upgrade from our regular moon studs. Featuring a fine chain connected to the crescent moon-shaped stud and the earring back this...
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Dagger Sleeper Earrings - Sterling Silver
It’s time to show your true warrior spirit with our sterling silver dagger sleeper earrings! This one-of-a-kind piece offers a pair of hoops carrying delicate yet beautiful dagger-shaped charms. These pointed charms resemble the ancient swords used for close combat...
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Mini Moon & Star Stud Earrings - Sterling Silver
Although small in size, our mini moon & star stud earrings shine brightly and thus evoke simplistic elegance when worn. The pair is truly a heavenly match as one stud is star-shaped while the other comes in the form of...
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Hanging Moon Drop Threader Earrings - Sterling Silver
The silver hanging moon drop threader earrings are your go-to chic accessory no matter what style you’re going for! This piece is an easy upgrade of our crescent moon threader earrings, featuring a crescent moon charm hanging on a silver...
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Gold North Star Sleeper Earrings - 18k Gold Vermeil
A symbol of hope and inspiration, our gold north star sleeper earrings are your charming accessory and a reminder of a new, better day. Basked in gold, these earrings will elegantly shine and turning heads. Wear them with your white-colored...
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Rose Gold Star & Crescent Moon Sleeper Earrings - 18k Rose Gold
Achieve cosmic aesthetic at its finest with our rose gold star and crescent moon sleeper earrings. These are minimal, gorgeous pieces featuring a star-shaped gem and the sickle moon, perfect to complete your otherworldly look. Our rose gold jewellery looks...
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Sterling Silver Bohemian Earring Hoops - Wild Heart
Level up your ear game with these intricate yet fabulous bohemian earring hoops. Each piece carries a mix of curves and circular lines that blend well with delicate silver beadwork. Together with their hooks, the earrings form a unique heart-shaped...
$55.00 $35.00
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Clear Quartz Crystal Chain Stud Earrings - Sterling Silver
The clear quartz crystal chain studs are one of our most unique pieces, perfect to wear with a laid-back boho-chic outfit so these earrings can be centre stage. Each piece comes with a polished, double-pointed clear quartz crystal oozing with...
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Clear Quartz Crystal Hoop Earrings - Sterling Silver
Stay on-trend with our clear quartz crystal hoop earrings. These pieces feature minimalist, cool C-shaped hoops, each one attached to an icy beauty that is the polished clear quartz crystal charm. Clear quartz crystals offer protection against negative energies; wear...
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Star & Crescent Moon Threader Earrings - Sterling Silver
The Sterling Silver Star and Crescent Moon Threader Earrings are an edgy touch to your outfit as it shows two different shapes in one look. This pair features a star & moon charm on a slender chain you thread through...
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Mini Crescent Moon Stud Earrings - Sterling Silver
Perfect for the celestial girls, the Mini Moon Stud Earrings are a simple everyday piece that can be dressed up or down because of its minimalist design and size. The crescent moon shape symbolizes growth and creativity that invokes a...
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Mini Round White Opal Stud Earring - Sterling Silver
For bohemian girls, the these Opal Stud Earring in Sterling Silver is the perfect pair of earrings for everyday wear. The iridescent Opal invokes a sense of love and passion, which makes way for loyalty and truthfulness. Material: 925 Sterling SilverCrystal: OpalHeight: 3.5...
$32.00 $25.00
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Boho earrings are among the accessories you shouldn’t forget if you’re creating a bohemian-inspired look. In fact, on some occasions, these earrings might just be all you need to fill your style with romantic vibes and show off your earthy personality. House of Alchemy stocks varied boho style earrings that you can layer or mismatch to fuel your unconventional and creative self.

Styling Your Boho Earrings and Elevating Your Free-Spirited Look

Bohemians are meant to stand out in a customary world; the same goes for our boho earrings online. Each of our pieces carries a distinct look, with their mystical-themed or cosmic-inspired designs and charms.

Our boho hoop earrings are among the most popular items to date because they’re versatile. Wear them with studs to create an exciting earring stack, change their charms according to your personal preferences, or just wear them as a standalone piece for a sleek yet straightforward boho-chic look.

We also have gorgeous threaders in our collection of silver boho earrings, a perfect piece to spice up a traditional boho outfit. Loop them through multiple piercings or wear them down, and you’re sure to shine like a boho goddess from every angle.

High-Quality Sterling Silver Boho Style Earrings Available at House of Alchemy

House of Alchemy is a favourite destination for boho earrings in Australia because of the fashionable, premium, and reasonably-priced pieces we have on offer. We use 925 sterling silver base for all our items, ensuring that they’re wearable for many years to come. And just like our boho rings and necklaces, our sterling silver boho earrings are made to have a lasting shine that will add sparkle to your daily outfits.

For a relaxed and carefree boho style, check out our complete collection of boho earrings today. Whether you’re wearing a tribal-like outfit or a flowy, long-sleeved mini dress, you’re sure to find a pair of stylish earrings to go full-on bohemian. For all eligible offers, enjoy our fast, free shipping service on offer!

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