Raw Quartz Ring - Sterling Silver
Defined as modern, exquisite, and delicate, our sterling silver raw quartz ring has the makings of your go-to jewellery piece. The polished thin ring band exudes elegance, complementing the raw shape of translucent quartz crystal. Quartz is nicknamed the ‘universal...
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If you’re a certified lover of the clear quartz in its natural crystal form, we have a dainty, easy-to-wear accessory especially made just for you here at House of Alchemy. Introducing: the clear quartz ring in silver tone. This piece carries the sheer beauty and healing power of your all-time favourite clear quartz crystal. Wear as a standalone piece or include in your ring stack to add a calming yet mystic vibe to your overall ensemble.

Our Raw Clear Quartz Crystal Rings Are All Unique

We take pride in having a collection of clear quartz crystal rings that are a real eye-catcher. Each of them carries a crystal in raw organic shape, showcasing the clear quartz’s natural beauty. 

Together with a minimally-designed ring band, our clear quartz ring effortlessly shines elegantly, making it ideal for holiday parties, soft glam nights, even boho-themed festivals. The minimal design also allows the piece to be wearable with other rings while keeping its unique beauty distinct.

How We Use Clear Quartz Rings to Cleanse Our State

The clear quartz ring and its meaning are no secret to crystal lovers. It has always been praised for its ability to clear the mind, helping you attune to your spirituality. So, if you have been dealing with a lot of stress, carrying a clear quartz crystal with you can bring clarity, protect you from negativity, and relieve your pains.

Bringing this powerful crystal with you shouldn’t be a hassle especially if you wear it as a clear quartz crystal jewellery piece. Rings are the handiest option, as they are the easiest to wear. Don’t forget to charge your crystal in a full moon to cleanse the unwanted energies and imbalances it picked up from different environments.

At House of Alchemy, we are keen to offer you stylish jewellery and the protection you need against negative vibes. Shop our growing collection of clear quartz rings in Australia and receive your order in no time, wrapped in eco-friendly packaging.

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