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The clear quartz crystal is all about balancing, healing, and amplifying. When worn as a necklace, you’re sure to have a powerful gem to keep yourself grounded and all your chakras harmonised. At the same time, the clear quartz necklaces by House of Alchemy also take your style to the next level. These lovely pieces, available in tones of silver and gold, can match well with almost any style, from the minimalist boho, sweet gypsy to casual chic.

How to Style Clear Quartz Necklaces

Our growing clear quartz crystal jewellery collection offers various necklaces of different styles, lengths, and pendant sizes. You can wear them as a standalone piece, but learning how to style them is a must if you’re going for a more eye-catching look. Here’s how:

Layer your necklaces - Our clear quartz necklaces are minimal and versatile enough to be paired with other chic items. Just remember the main rules: wear no more than four necklaces, layer and have equal gaps between chains, and mix the same metals (gold or silver).

Layer your pendants - If you’re afraid of getting all tangled up, layering pendants is perhaps the best way for you to style a clear quartz crystal necklace. You can have one to two pendants sitting next to your clear quartz charm. Add a star pendant for a cosmic vibe or a butterfly one for a free-spirited look.

What Our Clear Quartz Necklaces Are Made Of

We have necklaces made from .925 silver material, ensuring that each piece is tarnish-free and long-lasting. The natural clear quartz crystals are well-polished, so they’re soft to the touch and pleasing to the eyes. We also have necklaces plated with 18k gold — perfect if you want to get premium jewellery without breaking the bank.

House of Alchemy is your top destination for a quality clear quartz necklace in Australia. Look at our entire collection, find the best pieces that resonate with your style, and get a free shipping option for orders over $50.

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