Herkimer Diamond Ring - Sterling Silver Band
This Herkimer diamond ring is a natural beauty can be worn whether you’re wearing a beautiful formal dress or going for a casual everyday outfit. The Herkimer diamond itself isn’t enclosed in a bezel setting and thus shining in all its...
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Herkimer Diamond Ring - Sterling Silver
Our Herkimer diamond ring is one of our most popular rings at House of Alchemy. Sitting on a sterling silver ring band is a beautiful, naturally terminated, and bezel-set Herkimer diamond. A perfect alternative to high-priced real diamonds, our minimal Herkimer...
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Believed to be solidified forms of purified light, this gemstone is incredibly special in its double-ended shape which maximises its capacity to both hold and expel light. This makes Herkimer diamond jewellery the perfect choice for those free-spirited fairies that wish to accept new thoughts, ideas and mindsets into their lives. 

A Diamond for All Styles and Outfits

Herkimer diamond jewellery may lack colour, but certainly not lustre. This transparency will allow you to easily mix and match any other coloured stones with this gemstone, due to its complementary neutral hues. These gemstones are highly desirable due to their unusual clarity that allows them to exuberate luminescence. Their glassy surface acts as a blank canvas for those who wish to embark on new beginnings, whether these be emotional or physical. Our very own sterling silver Herkimer diamond rings have preserved the natural structured shape of the crystals, to ensure their dual energy flow is maintained, and their natural organic aesthetic is kept. 

Introduce an Abundance of Positivity into Your Life

Known as a ‘stone of attunement’, this gemstone can help you channel others’ positive energy on a day to day basis. Wearing our Herkimer diamond earrings is the perfect way to absorb energy from the happiest of environments, or even your most positive friend. 

Grab your favourite pair and be sure to feel the positive vibes throughout your day. 

Fancy lifting your own energy or giving someone the gift of positivity? Check out our full jewellery collection of this April birthstone here, and be sure to radiate positivity within your aura from sunrise to sunset.

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