Herkimer Diamond Ring - Sterling Silver
Our Herkimer diamond ring is one of our most popular rings at House of Alchemy. Sitting on a sterling silver ring band is a beautiful, naturally terminated, and bezel-set Herkimer diamond. A perfect alternative to high-priced real diamonds, our minimal Herkimer...
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Herkimer Diamond Ring - Sterling Silver Band
This Herkimer diamond ring is a natural beauty can be worn whether you’re wearing a beautiful formal dress or going for a casual everyday outfit. The Herkimer diamond itself isn’t enclosed in a bezel setting and thus shining in all its...
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Our Herkimer diamond rings house a unique crystalline gemstone. Its clarity and sparkle mirrors that of a genuine diamond 💎. Herkimer is actually a type of quartz - giving it spiritual abilities not found in real diamonds themselves!

Quartz are one of the strongest types of gemstones, known for their potential to transfer healing energies to those who wear them. Being doubly terminated, the Herkimer diamond is able to not only provide positive energy, but simultaneously absorb it from its surrounding environments.

Herkimer diamond rings adorn those best who wish to channel its many spiritual qualities. As these particular gems are known for their elimination of negative energies, they can be worn to anyone wanting to relieve any worries or anxiety. They do so by their powerful absorption of light, attracting only the most healing of emotions. With their stark clarity, they bring a sense of calm and peace of mind to those who need it most. 💭

Many also wear it as a form of connecting to more divine platforms, channeling their own energy through the stone through meditative practices. These could be simple daily meditations, in which the person can reach a higher state of serenity and understanding. However, a more common practice is yoga! Grab your mat, the Herkimer stone and challenge yourself to reach a new level of calm 🧘‍♀️.

Herkimer diamonds are grow naturally into it's distinct geometric form, and possess a natural aesthetic specific only to quartz stones. Their neutral coloured high-polish finish makes them complimentary to any other coloured gemstone. We especially love them with more cool-toned organic colours such as blue Tanzanite or green. Pair this gemstone with a blue-hued stone such as raw tanzanite to really complete your look.

Why not gift a Herkimer ring to a friend? The Herkimer Diamond is a popular substitute for diamond as the April Birthstone, making it the perfect present for April babies.

Whether you’re treating yourself or shopping for a loved one, our Herkimer diamond jewellery range is the perfect gift for yogis, spiritualists and jewellery lovers alike!
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