Seashell Sleeper Earrings - Sterling Silver
Need that one accessory to complete your boho beach outfit? Look no further! Our Seashell Sleeper Earrings are wearable day and night — show them off while you’re getting a tan or taking in the calm ocean breeze at night....
$35.00 $28.00
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Tri-Dot Earring Hoops - Sterling Silver
The Tri-Dot Earring Hoops are a beautiful pair of large hoops with triple dot detailing around the hoops and a hinged closure. Perfect for a modern gypsy look or finishing off any Coachella festival ensemble. The tri-dot is a common...
$42.00 $26.00
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Tri-Dot Circle Stud Earrings - Sterling Silver
Feeling the boho vibe but also want a versatile everyday piece? These sterling silver tri-dot circle studs are the perfect minimal piece to accompany you every day. Created with simplicity in mind, this design is an easy way for bohemian girls...
$19.00 $15.00
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Gold Star & Crescent Moon Sleeper Earrings - 18k Gold Vermeil
Our glamorous Gold Star & Crescent Moon Sleeper Earrings make for an attention-drawing look even when you pair them with your most casual clothes. These earrings feature mini crescent moon and star-shaped charms — a perfect pair to send out...
$39.00 $28.00
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Silver Star Sleeper Earrings - Sterling Silver
The Silver Star Sleeper Earrings are an excellent choice of jewellery for any style — casual, trendy, girly, boho, or edgy. Worn as a pair, these earrings are simple stunners detailed with minimal star charms. On your rebel days, try...
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Gold North Star Sleeper Earrings - 18k Gold Vermeil
A symbol of hope and inspiration, our gold north star sleeper earrings are your charming accessory and a reminder of a new, better day. Basked in gold, these earrings will elegantly shine and turning heads. Wear them with your white-colored...
$44.00 $35.00
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Minimal Bar Threader Earrings - Sterling Silver
The Bar Threader Earrings are a pair of minimal silver posts connected by a fine chain that you can thread through any piercing. Get creative by threading through multiple lobe piercings or a substitute to the regular industrial bar piercing....
$22.00 $16.00
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Moon Stud Earrings - Sterling Silver
The Crescent Moon Stud Earrings are the perfect minimalist ensemble to add to your look, whether it's plain or creative. Its simple design fits both the plain yet elegant aesthetic and the colourful outfit as an accessory to balance the...
$18.00 from $9.00
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Star & Crescent Moon Sleeper Earrings - Sterling Silver
The Star & Crescent Moon Sleeper Earrings are the perfect pair for those who would like to keep it simple but creative. These sleeper earrings are relatively minimal in style as it hangs close to the lobe. These dainty silver sleepers...
$27.00 $18.00
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Crescent Moon Threader Earrings - Sterling Silver
If you’re looking for a quirky jewellery to match your boho or gypsy outfit, don’t look past our crescent moon threader earrings! These are a basic choice if you want to keep it simple yet memorable. Worn as a single or pair,...
from $14.00
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Crescent Moon Stud Earrings - Sterling Silver
Want to add celestial sparkle to your overall look? Our sterling silver crescent moon studs can do the job! These cute, modestly-designed studs match well with various colors and outfits — easily wearable at any time of the day. The...
$16.00 $9.00
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North Star Sleeper Earrings - Sterling Silver
For magical girls who love everything celestial, the North Star Sleepers are the perfect pair of earrings for festival wear or evening date. Featuring one eight-pointed star charm per earring, this piece can be easily layered with other sleeper or...
$25.00 $18.00
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Mini Crescent Moon Stud Earrings - Sterling Silver
Perfect for the celestial girls, the Mini Moon Stud Earrings are a simple everyday piece that can be dressed up or down because of its minimalist design and size. The crescent moon shape symbolizes growth and creativity that invokes a...
$15.00 $12.00
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North Star Threader Earrings - Sterling Silver
The North Star threader earrings are a favourite piece here at Alchemy HQ. This charming pair is designed with two connected north star charms on a fine silver chain and a silver bar ending. These earrings are detailed yet dainty and...
$30.00 $25.00
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Mini Moon & Star Stud Earrings - Sterling Silver
Although small in size, our mini moon & star stud earrings shine brightly and thus evoke simplistic elegance when worn. The pair is truly a heavenly match as one stud is star-shaped while the other comes in the form of...
$18.00 $15.00
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Hanging Moon Drop Threader Earrings - 18k Gold Vermeil
Our 18k gold moon threaders are your jewellery of choice for a glam night with your family, friends, or SO. Hanging through the piercing on your lobe, these threaders feature a crescent moon-shaped charm and a vertical thin bar connected...
$49.00 $37.00
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Rectangular Gold Huggie Hoops - 18k Gold Plated
Cute gold rectangular huggies that are comfortable for everyday wear. Super easy to put on and take off & also easy to sleep with for someone who's fuss free. Available in a pair or just as a single earring to...
from $34.00
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Big Star Drop Earring Studs - Sterling Silver
The big star drop earring studs are the upgraded version of our small star drop earrings, designed to give you a more captivating look. Each piece features a clear-cut, classic star charm, which represents dreams, pursuits, and divine guidance. Wear...
$24.00 $12.00
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Gold Twist Hoops - 18k Gold Vermeil
The Gold Twist Hoops are an elegant everyday piece created with a sterling silver base and plated in 18k gold. Whether it be for work or a dinner party, wear it with your hair down or braided, a minimalist pendant necklace...
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Open Star Drop Earring Studs - Sterling Silver
Decorate your lobe or create a starry earring stack with our stylish open star drop earrings. This piece offers you a pair of open star charms hanging just below the minimal round-shaped studs. Our star drop earrings are a chic...
$19.00 $5.00
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Stars & Planets Drop Earring Studs - Sterling Silver
The stars and planets earrings feature a pair of star charm studs connected to two silver spheres via dangling chains. Swaying as you move, these spheres of life are sure to make a sparkle everywhere you go - a stunning everyday piece to create...
$21.00 $5.00
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Tri-Dot Stud Earring - 18k Gold Vermeil
The Tri-dot studs are a minimal earring stud featuring three sterling silver dots connected in a triangular form, plated in 18k gold. These cute boho tri-dot stud earrings are an easy piece to wear everyday and easy to stack with...
$35.00 $19.00
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Double Cubic Zirconia Chain Stud Earrings - Sterling Silver
Our double cubic zirconia chain stud earrings are only a single piece, worn in one ear to create an edgy look. An enticing piece, especially for those with carefree or boho rock fashion sense, these earrings feature double studs filled...
$24.00 $18.00
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Mini Triple Crystal Stud Earring - Sterling Silver
Our mini triple crystal stud earring is a must-have in your go-to minimal jewellery collection. This piece is easy to wear day and night, so you’re sure to look gorgeous non-stop. Carry with you a sparkly earring filled with tiny...
$24.00 $18.00
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Four Petal White Flower Stud Earring - Sterling Silver
Featuring four Cubic Zirconia Crystals in a four petal formation these sterling silver earrings are an accessory staple. Wear them everyday on its own or layer it up with other gems and stones to create your own constellation piercing set....
$32.00 $15.00
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Lilac Flower Cubic Zirconia Stud Earring - Sterling Silver
Bringing flower power to the House of Alchemy, the Lilac Flower Cubic Zirconia Stud Earring in Sterling Silver features 6 white Cubic Zirconia crystal petals surrounding a lilac Cubic Zirconia. The perfect pair of earrings to wear to channel feminine energy. Wear...
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Bohemian Teardrop Stud Earring - 14k Gold Vermeil
The 14k Gold Plated Bohemian Stud Earrings has a teardrop shape and tridot accent, making it a perfect adornment for festival wear. You can also wear this piece with a plain white tee and blue jeans for a chic casual look...
$26.00 $15.00
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Bohemian Teardrop Stud Earring - Sterling Silver
The Bohemian Stud Earrings feature a teardrop shape with centered detailing and tridot accent. The petite size of this stud makes is a great piece to combine with other studs and hoops to create your own unique piercing combination. High Quality...
$16.00 $9.00
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Mini Moon & Star Stud Earrings - Gold Vermeil
If you’re looking for a minimal take on the mismatched earrings trend, consider wearing our mini moon & star studs before you walk out of that door. Although this piece showcases two different designs of studs — a crescent moon...
$25.00 $18.00
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Crescent Moon Stud Earrings - Gold Vermeil
Our fancy crescent moon stud earrings are the easy upgrade you need whether you’re off to your day job or a casual party night. These cute, little earrings are minimal in style, featuring gold-toned crescent moon-shaped studs. If you have...
$25.00 $18.00
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House of Alchemy’s indie earrings collection has a large range of pieces for women who love to express themselves through charm-adorned jewellery.

With designs that embody modern style with hints of boho style, you can find a pair of earrings that will suit your personality. If you want an everyday pair of indie earrings, opt for a star charmed piece if you're looking for a piece to make a statement pick a piece adorned with a crystal and your earrings will surely be the talking point of the night.

Express yourself with our collection of indie earrings

Designed for all girls wanting to express their individuality, this collection is all about expressing yourself freely, confidently and being at peace with yourself.

Our indie designs embody tranquillity, balance and mystery. With crystals and astrological motifs weaved into our designs, these pieces help us to stay grounded to the earth while inspiring us to reach for the skies.

Take your self expression up a notch by combining your earrings with other pieces from our indie jewellery collection.

Our Sterling Silver indie earrings

Each pair of earrings in our indie rage is crafted with 925 Sterling Silver and often oxidised in certain areas to create the intricate detailing in the earrings. To keep your indie earrings in tip top shape, polish with a soft polishing cloth from time to time to remove tarnishing, but be careful of polishing too aggressively as it can remove the "darker" details purposeful oxidised to bring out the details in the jewellery.

Try not to let your earrings get in contact with sweat, chemicals, perfume and cosmetics to extend the life of your sterling silver jewels.

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