Star Chain Stud Earrings - Sterling Silver

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Star Chain Earrings

The Star Chain Stud Earrings are a magical and classy pair of stud earrings to fit with every outfit. Perfect for stacking, finely crafted in .925 sterling silver with a high polished finish to reflect a shooting star.

This earring is perfect for any lobe piercing and if you have double or triple lobe piercings, you can style it up and attach the backing to a different earring for a unique look.

Stars are often used to symbolise heavenly bodies, purity and good luck while the chain symbolises our connection with the universe. The star connected at the end of the chain gives you a feels to reach the heavenly bodies to calm your soul. 

Material: Sterling Silver
Chain Length: 25mm Dangle
Weight: 1g
Finish: High Polish

The Star Chain Stud Earrings are a part of the Sterling Silver Collection. Pair it with our Quartz & Moon Charm Necklace or our Star and Moon Ring for a charming look.

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