Star & Crescent Moon Sleeper Earrings - Sterling Silver
The Star & Crescent Moon Sleeper Earrings are the perfect pair for those who would like to keep it simple but creative. These sleeper earrings are relatively minimal in style as it hangs close to the lobe. These dainty silver sleepers...
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Crescent Moon Face Hoop Earrings - Sterling Silver
The crescent moon face hoop earrings are large, silver C-shaped hoops with dangling crescent moon face and star jewels — it’s the one item you need to complete a glamorous gypsy look with a cosmic twist. Perfect to wear with...
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Gold Tarot Charm Sleeper Earrings - 18k Gold Vermeil
For lovers of all things mystic and sparkly, our Gold Tarot Charm Sleeper Earrings are a must for any jewellery collection. Each earring features a tarot-shaped charm with the double-sided and reversible design of Star of Venus and the waning...
$44.00 $34.00
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Crescent Moon Stud Earrings with Chain - Sterling Silver
Looking for a unique piece to complete your moon goddess look? Our crescent moon chain studs are an easy upgrade from our regular moon studs. Featuring a fine chain connected to the crescent moon-shaped stud and the earring back this...
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Hanging Moon Drop Threader Earrings - Sterling Silver
The silver hanging moon drop threader earrings are your go-to chic accessory no matter what style you’re going for! This piece is an easy upgrade of our crescent moon threader earrings, featuring a crescent moon charm hanging on a silver...
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Mini Moon & Star Stud Earrings - Gold Vermeil
If you’re looking for a minimal take on the mismatched earrings trend, consider wearing our mini moon & star studs before you walk out of that door. Although this piece showcases two different designs of studs — a crescent moon...
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Star & Crescent Moon Threader Earrings - Sterling Silver
The Sterling Silver Star and Crescent Moon Threader Earrings are an edgy touch to your outfit as it shows two different shapes in one look. This pair features a star & moon charm on a slender chain you thread through...
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Crescent Moon Stud Earrings - Gold Vermeil
Our fancy crescent moon stud earrings are the easy upgrade you need whether you’re off to your day job or a casual party night. These cute, little earrings are minimal in style, featuring gold-toned crescent moon-shaped studs. If you have...
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Crescent Moon Stud Earrings - Sterling Silver
Want to add celestial sparkle to your overall look? Our sterling silver crescent moon studs can do the job! These cute, modestly-designed studs match well with various colors and outfits — easily wearable at any time of the day. The...
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Crescent Moon Sleeper Earrings - Sterling Silver
Designed with a hoop style, the Crescent Moon Sleeper Earrings are composed of sterling silver with a dainty moon charm. Charming and minimal, these earrings are perfect to start accessorizing without being over-the-top. Its high-polished finished and uncomplicated design makes...
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Hanging Moon Drop Threader Earrings - 18k Gold Vermeil
Our 18k gold moon threaders are your jewellery of choice for a glam night with your family, friends, or SO. Hanging through the piercing on your lobe, these threaders feature a crescent moon-shaped charm and a vertical thin bar connected...
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Mini Moon & Star Stud Earrings - Sterling Silver
Although small in size, our mini moon & star stud earrings shine brightly and thus evoke simplistic elegance when worn. The pair is truly a heavenly match as one stud is star-shaped while the other comes in the form of...
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Gold Star & Crescent Moon Sleeper Earrings - 18k Gold Vermeil
Our glamorous Gold Star & Crescent Moon Sleeper Earrings make for an attention-drawing look even when you pair them with your most casual clothes. These earrings feature mini crescent moon and star-shaped charms — a perfect pair to send out...
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Crescent Moon Face Drop Earrings - 18k Gold Vermeil
A glowing pair of earrings that is an eternal reminder of light, these earrings feature a golden crescent moon charm with cute detailing on a ball stud.  Like a character from a lullaby, these feminine & mystical earrings remind us...
$32.00 $14.00
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Minimal Full Moon Circle Sleeper Earrings - Sterling Silver
These full moon sleeper earrings are the perfect minimal accessory that is a staple in any girl's wardrobe. Designed to be paired up with other pieces, this piece is perfect for everyday wear. Made from 925 Sterling Silver these circle...
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Silver Tarot Charm Sleeper Earrings - Sterling Silver
Our Silver Tarot Charm Sleeper Earrings are a fabulous piece that you'll never want to take off day or night. These jewels are among our most unique offers, featuring a double-sided and reversible tarot-shaped charm on each earring. Get your...
$35.00 $28.00
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Rose Gold Star & Crescent Moon Sleeper Earrings - 18k Rose Gold
Achieve cosmic aesthetic at its finest with our rose gold star and crescent moon sleeper earrings. These are minimal, gorgeous pieces featuring a star-shaped gem and the sickle moon, perfect to complete your otherworldly look. Our rose gold jewellery looks...
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Moon Stud Earrings - Sterling Silver
The Crescent Moon Stud Earrings are the perfect minimalist ensemble to add to your look, whether it's plain or creative. Its simple design fits both the plain yet elegant aesthetic and the colourful outfit as an accessory to balance the...
from $18.00
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Mini Crescent Moon Stud Earrings - Sterling Silver
Perfect for the celestial girls, the Mini Moon Stud Earrings are a simple everyday piece that can be dressed up or down because of its minimalist design and size. The crescent moon shape symbolizes growth and creativity that invokes a...
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Silver Crescent Moon Earring Charm - Sterling Silver
The silver crescent moon charm is a minimalist addition to your base earring. Be experimental — add one or two, it’s all about your style. Once attached to your base earring, you also have the option to mix them with...
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Gold Crescent Moon Earring Charm - Gold Vermeil
A perfect piece for the astronomy lovers, our gold crescent moon earring charm is a great addition to your base earring. Its splendid gold-tone brings an undeniable elegance and luxe aura to your overall ensemble. Compatible with hoops and stackable...
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Open Moon Earring Studs - Sterling Silver
The perfect minimal adornment for the celestial girls, these open moon earring studs is very easy to wear -- use it to accessorize your little black dress for an elegant evening look, or rock a multiple-earring look by matching it...
$12.00 $8.00
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Moon Drop Earring Studs - Sterling Silver
Our moon drop earring studs are a symbolic and dainty piece rolled into a pair of cute silver earrings. With a small ball stud and a crescent moon hanging just below on each earring, these lovely moon charms will swing...
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Crescent Moon Threader Earrings - Sterling Silver
If you’re looking for a quirky jewellery to match your boho or gypsy outfit, don’t look past our crescent moon threader earrings! These are a basic choice if you want to keep it simple yet memorable. Worn as a single or pair,...
from $14.00
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Our Moon Earrings take us back to our love for the stars, moon, and everything about astronomy. The designs can range from simple stud moon earrings to threaders and hoops earrings for more daring souls.

With this collection, you can go for simple moon earring studs for an everyday look. It's super easy to pair up whether you’re going for a casual night out, running errands in the afternoon and appropriate even for work.

When you’re feeling daring and even just a little bit edgy, you can go for our moon earrings that have a bit more flair. Threaders & chains add character to your outfit and elevates your outfit to centre stage.

Where Can I Buy Moon Earrings?

At House of Alchemy we have one of the largest ranges of moon earrings. You can buy your moon earrings online and we will ship it anywhere in Australia for FREE! If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us and we’ll try our best to answer ANY questions you might have.

If you need style advice or want to put in a custom order of earrings (eg, only one side instead of both pairs, or a mix and match of studs) please feel free to get in touch and we can see what we can do for you. We also offer international shipping on our products so that anyone can enjoy wearing House of Alchemy.

How do I style Moon Earrings?

Our range of moon earrings are very easily styled with any wardrobe. The moon is a classic design motif that has been around for hundreds of years and won’t be going out of fashion anytime soon. It’s minimalistic shape allows you to wear it everyday with a simple white tee whilst you have the opportunity to style it with multiple other earrings (if you have multiple piercings) to create a layered look and a unique personal style.

The Alchemist recommends styling your moon earrings with these pieces from our Moonlight collection:

The You Are My Everything necklace from our Moon Necklace collection - a triple charm protection including a moon, star and clear crystal quartz on a sterling silver chain.

Our iridescent moon shaped porcelain jewellery dish to keep your Moon Jewellery safe from harm and helps your earring studs not go missing as they can be quite small! They can also be used to store other trinkets and look great on any desk.

The Star and Moon Adjustable Ring in Sterling Silver is the perfect ring addition to your collection - being adjustable it’s good as your hands grow in hot weather and shrink in cold weather so that this ring with never be uncomfortable on your fingers.

Browse our Sterling Silver Moon Earrings at House of Alchemy

These moon earrings show your love for the moon and stars! Whether you are going for the simple aesthetic or the edgy or the gypsy outfit, you can definitely wear a pair of earrings from this collection that has been created from the inspiration of the Divine Goddess.

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