Teardrop Bohemian Moonstone Ring - Sterling Silver
The ring exhibits a beautiful rainbow moonstone complemented by a teardrop-shaped silver bezel setting enclosed in a modern twist & swirl pattern. This ring is a minimal piece that fits almost any outfit, from the romantic to modern boho style! Moonstones help...
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Patterned Bohemian Moonstone Ring - Sterling Silver
This Moonstone ring features a round iridescent moonstone set on a patterned sterling silver band. For bohemian girls, this ring is the perfect ring for festival wear because of intricate detailing on the ring band. The moonstone also signifies clairvoyance...
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Circle Bohemian Moonstone Stud Earrings - Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver Bohemian Moonstone Studs Material: Sterling SilverCrystal: MoonstoneLength: 7mmWidth: 7mmWeight: 0.8gFinish: High Polish & Oxidised
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Tri-Dot Bohemian Moonstone Stud Earrings - Sterling Silver
Awaken your passion and feminine energies with our majestic bohemian moonstone studs. Sitting magnificently on a sterling silver base with decorative beads the minimal moonstone is a dainty & magical piece to wear daily. This gemstone is known for bringing strength...
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Moonstone has been a favourite stone in jewellery pieces for centuries because of the beautiful and unique appearance of each individual stone. But this isn’t the only reason to invest in a beautiful natural moonstone jewellery piece. There are quite a few characteristics of these charming stones with their soft glowing sheen that makes them so desirable. 

Things you might not know about moonstone jewellery

  • Moonstone is a mineral that belongs to the orthoclase feldspar group. This stone is composed of potassium aluminium silicate and is distinguished from similar stone types due to the fact that it consists of adularescence. 
  • The beautiful moonlight glowing appearance of the moonstone surface is due to the fact that the stone consists of adularescence.
  • Moonstones are prone to breaking if they are exposed to extreme pressure so be careful not to drop anything too heavy onto your jewellery pieces.
  • The stone has a very rich history. In ancient cultures, it was believed that these charming stones were created from moonbeams. This is also why the stone was so popular amongst celestial cultures. They associated the stone’s power with the power of the moon.
  • To this very day, many people believe that wearing a moonstone will bring you good fortune and will nurture feelings of love and connection.
  •  These stones were commonly used in jewellery pieces for centuries and became iconic in the 1900s.
  • The softer opaque stone can be carved into unique and beautiful shapes and is often carved into the shape of a face to signify the man in the moon.

Our moonstone jewellery pieces online are unique and beautiful

One of the best reasons we love moonstone jewellery is that this stone is beautiful as well as powerful. In ancient times and to this very day, it is believed that moonstone brings you good fortune and can emphasise feelings like love and affection. It is a perfect stone to wear to promote these feelings or to gift to a special person in your life. 

But the power of these charming stones is hardly the only reasons to invest in moonstone pieces. 

These stones are also beautiful. Their natural composition results in a beautiful glow that simulates the sensation and charming glow of the moon on open waters. Looking at this stone can calm anxiety and create feelings of curiosity and wonderment. The stones are gorgeous and suit all types of skin tones.

Modern & bohemian moonstone jewellery styles

Despite all of the brilliant characteristics and benefits of the moonstone, it isn’t too easy to find. Very few jewellery stores invest in moonstone pieces, and as a result, these pieces are often incredibly expensive. 

The good news is that you can buy these precious pieces affordably when you shop at House of Alchemy. We have a wide range of moonstone pieces in our celestial collection that includes moonstone rings and more.

And if you would like to learn more about these brilliant pieces, get in touch with the Alchemist.

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