Teardrop Bohemian Moonstone Ring - Sterling Silver
The ring exhibits a beautiful rainbow moonstone complemented by a teardrop-shaped silver bezel setting enclosed in a modern twist & swirl pattern. This ring is a minimal piece that fits almost any outfit, from the romantic to modern boho style! Moonstones help...
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Patterned Bohemian Moonstone Ring - Sterling Silver
This Moonstone ring features a round iridescent moonstone set on a patterned sterling silver band. For bohemian girls, this ring is the perfect ring for festival wear because of intricate detailing on the ring band. The moonstone also signifies clairvoyance...
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Sterling silver Moonstone rings are one of our most sought after pieces due to their dreamlike aesthetic and endless versatility. Because of the stone’s inner pearlescent glow, many believe it to be miniature fragments of the moon itself. Which also adds to moonstone rings’ popularity - they make for incredibly unique ethereal jewellery and beautiful gifts for loved ones. To really understand moonstone enchanting powers, read our extensive moonstone guide here! 📖🌙

Moonstones can produce different colourful glows, depending on the time of day and the type of light that hits it. From rainbow stones with an opalescent hue to shining blues and pinks, there is no shortage of styles to suit everyone. It can be worn to suit an endless amount of personalities and styles throughout all seasons. 🔥💧⚡❄️

The power of moonstone rings

Moonstones are great channels that work to source a nourishing abundance of self love, these stones should be worn by those who wish to manifest a connection to their higher selves, ones with only the most positive outlook on life. They can also be used to accentuate our imagination, aiding in lucid dreaming by encouraging creativity. To regenerate your moonstone’s powers, it should be placed under the light of the full moon or a new moon. 🌕🌒

As moonstone jewellery are renowned for providing guidance on meaningful journeys, they should be considered as a gift for friends and family beginning new adventures, whether these be travelling around the world or even starting a new job. Why not gift a silver moonstone ring to your bestie? Especially if your friend's birthday is in June, as moonstone is the June birthstone. These rings are the ideal stone to mark the commencement of a new year of adventures and experiences.

The symbolism behind moonstone rings

These magical crystals have also been known to inspire everlasting love, making it the perfect gift for a special someone. Due to their ability to solidify loving feelings, what better celebration than a wedding to signify a new beginning? There is, after all, no more meaningful journey than that of eternally bonded lovers. 💞

Our moonstone rings are undoubtedly embedded with a deep spiritual significance, one that easily translates in their intricate, sterling silver designs. Whether you’re looking for a gift to treat your significant other or giving yourself the gift of self love, we’re sure you’ll find it in our moonstone ring collection. 💍🌙

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