Round White Opal Necklace - Sterling Silver
Our round white opal necklace is a beautiful piece that’s set to highlight your natural allure and beauty. This jeweled necklace features the enchanting white opal crystal sitting atop a silver round bezel setting with beaded casing design. At a...
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White Opal Teardrop Necklace - Sterling Silver
The white opal teardrop necklace is a must-have in your jewellery collection if you’re looking for a symbolic and lovely item in one piece! This necklace features a captivating white opal stone set in a teardrop-shaped silver bezel setting. The...
$45.00 $35.00
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Bohemian Flower White Opal Necklace - Sterling Silver
Trying to ace that boho glam look? Wear our bohemian flower white opal necklace for an instant boost in your boho-chic style! This necklace is a masterpiece in itself, showcasing an intricately-designed pendant that follows a unique floral theme. The...
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Our opal necklaces are your key to adding a sense of indie-chic to your every day outfits or any special occasion. Opal is embedded with fantastic rainbow-coloured flecks that catch the sunlight oh so effortlessly, creating a natural iridescence specific only to opal gemstones.

Australia’s National Stone: Opal in a Necklace

Did you know that opal is Australia’s national stone? That’s why we’re so proud to bring Australian opal necklaces to you in our online store.

Opal is a beautiful stone that reflects all the colours of the rainbow to give it its own unique appearance. Said to promote happiness and wellbeing and help you to learn how to deal with stress, it’s the birthstone of those born in October. Not an October baby? You can still benefit from the opal’s magical qualities and enjoy the brilliant, enchanting gleam of this unique gem.

Magical Opal Necklaces to Brighten Any Day

Our opal jewellery is created from natural opals which makes each piece completely unique. Each stone will vary in colour and pattern - so when you place your order, you’ll never know exactly how your ring will look - and that’s all part of the beauty!

Isn't it time you discovered the enigmatic beauty of opals - or added another opal necklace to your collection? Let the stone choose you today.

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