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The pink tourmaline stone is a semi-precious crystal that can be found in a variety of pinkish hues. From stunning deep shades of magenta to calming tones of pastel pink, this stone is gorgeous when set within a sterling silver band.

A stone of the heart chakra, pink tourmaline is known for its soothing and healing abilities. This gemstone in particular also encompasses nourishing, tranquil qualities - known to calm even the most negative emotions. The restorative and feminine properties of pink tourmaline encourages emotional healing and alleviates feelings of stress, anxiety and even heartbreak.

Those who wear pink tourmaline rings are said to experience feelings of uplifting joy, happiness and kindness due to the stone’s promotion of love for those who wear it.

Pink tourmaline is the birthstone for October, sharing this mystical month with the Opal stone.

Our raw pink tourmaline rings all have their own natural characteristics and are unique and individual to each person that wears them. A pink tourmaline birthstone ring is the perfect sentimental gift for October babies and anyone who wishes to carry around an aura of compassion and restorative energy.

Looking for more positive energy? Pair your pink tourmaline rings with similar tones of other pastel coloured crystals, such as Tanzanite or Rose Quartz rings for the ultimate positive vibe to carry you through the day.

Whether you’re treating yourself to a healthier aura or gifting for a birthday in October, shop our unique selection of pink tourmaline rings today.

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