Star Threader Earrings - Sterling Silver
Eye-catching and elegant, our star threader earrings feature a fine chain that’s connected to a shiny silver post and a star-shaped charm. Wear a pair in one of your ears to create an outfit eyecatcher. You can also loop the threader earring through multiple...
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Crescent Moon Threader Earrings - Sterling Silver
If you’re looking for a quirky jewellery to match your boho or gypsy outfit, don’t look past our crescent moon threader earrings! These are a basic choice if you want to keep it simple yet memorable. Worn as a single or pair,...
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Star & Crescent Moon Threader Earrings - Sterling Silver
The Sterling Silver Star and Crescent Moon Threader Earrings are an edgy touch to your outfit as it shows two different shapes in one look. This pair features a star & moon charm on a slender chain you thread through...
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North Star Threader Earrings - Sterling Silver
The North Star threader earrings are a favourite piece here at Alchemy HQ. This charming pair is designed with two connected north star charms on a fine silver chain and a silver bar ending. These earrings are detailed yet dainty and...
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Minimal Bar Threader Earrings - Sterling Silver
The Bar Threader Earrings are a pair of minimal silver posts connected by a fine chain that you can thread through any piercing. Get creative by threading through multiple lobe piercings or a substitute to the regular industrial bar piercing....
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Detailed Cross Threader Earrings - Sterling Silver
Designed for the girl with attitude, these threader earrings feature a detailed cross charm attached to a long chain. Perfect for festival wear, you can wear this piece through multiple piercings for an edgy look, pair it up with minimalist...
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Lightning Bolt & Star Threader Earrings - Sterling Silver
Oozing quirky yet cool the Lightning Bolt & Star Threaders are a pair of easily wearable, minimal, and symbolic earrings. With so many options of wearing these earrings, you'll be creating outfits for days! Thread one of two of these earrings through...
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Hanging Moon Drop Threader Earrings - Sterling Silver
The silver hanging moon drop threader earrings are your go-to chic accessory no matter what style you’re going for! This piece is an easy upgrade of our crescent moon threader earrings, featuring a crescent moon charm hanging on a silver...
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Open Star Threader Earrings - Sterling Silver
Our open star threader earrings are a popular choice for all. Made with sterling silver, these threaders will be your go to earring of choice for years to come. Each earring features a cute outlined star charm that’s open in the...
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Clear Quartz Crystal Threader Earrings - Sterling Silver
The clear quartz comes in many forms and on the clear quartz threaders, you’ll find a beautiful faceted & polished clear quartz hanging by a fine silver chain. These threader earrings have a lobe hook ensuring your crystals won't move...
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Half Flower Bohemian Threader Earrings - Sterling Silver
Our half flower threader earrings feature intricate, patterned petals around a circle connected to a threadable chain. These earrings invoke a modern boho vibe and are perfect if you want to stand out in your tribe. Wear them down or...
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Also known as thread through earrings, our threader earrings here at House of Alchemy are exactly what you need to spice up your outfit and be the night’s talking point. Our precious and versatile silver threader earrings are a popular option among those who want to keep their fashion-forward style in check. If you have the same goal, you’ll love our entire collection of silver threaders.

Our Silver Threaders Are Made From 925 Sterling

Since silver threaders (its metal post and whisper-thin chain) are meant to be threaded through your lobe, we make sure that our products are entirely safe to be inserted into your piercing. We only use 925 sterling silver for all our products, allowing you to have a lovely accessory that’s hypoallergenic. Meaning, you won’t suffer from any allergic reaction. The hallmark 925 was derived from the fact that our items are 92.5% pure silver, the highest purity & standard available for silver jewellery

Add a Charm To Your Silver Threader Earrings

Another great thing about our sterling threader earrings is that you can customize them according to your style. Most of our earrings are minimally-designed, so you can easily add a lovely charm or two to them. This works if you’re going to insert the threaders into multiple piercings. But if you want to keep things simple and just let the threader earrings flow down, no charms are needed. Instead, you can pair them up with some studs for an edgy look.

House of Alchemy proudly offers quality and fashionable sterling silver threader earrings as a statement piece. We have varied designs to match every style; find ones that best suit your outfits by browsing our complete collection today!

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