Welcome to the House of Alchemy, a jewellery & crystal label for dreamers, wanderers & the curious kind. A brand seeking to embody the beautiful things in life, no matter your shape, size or imperfections. We value honesty, integrity and promote positive energy to all who come across our label.

Our Jewellery

Born from our love of semi-precious stones, raw crystals, magic and alchemy. Our collections feature astrological motifs that are larger than life and reflect our love and appreciation for the universe. Our pieces are generally made from 925 sterling silver with e-coating to maintain the shine of the pieces for longer. Combined with semi-precious stones ranging from stunning quartz stones, iridescent opals, unique pearls and more, our pieces are elevated and become one of a kind. The perfect accessories for the modern bohemian.

Customising your jewellery:

If you have a particular set of earring piercings and want to create a custom set, please let us know what you have in mind and if possible we'll create something as unique and special as yourself. 

Our Crystals

Crystals provide us with energy, light & guidance. They help us celebrate uniqueness & imperfection and remind us to appreciate all the little things, even the flaws in ourselves and our lives. They offer us mystical protection, bringing happiness and wonder to all who are in their presence. 

We source our range of polished and raw crystals from all over the world to bring you the best-handpicked selection we can find.

Crystals are the perfect addition to any bedside table, dining centrepiece, hallway console, windowsill or next to your favourite plants.

Our Commitment to the Earth

The earth is our provider and we must be conscious of how we treat mother nature & her materials. We are constantly finding ways to make House of Alchemy as eco-friendly as possible.

  • Our first decision was to move away from cheap metals that rust easily and stock high quality lasting sterling silver pieces.
  • We are a paper-free office, and as such we don't provide paper invoices, they are all digital, saving paper with every order.
  • Our sticker labels are created from 100% environmentally friendly recycled material and use a water-soluble eco-friendly adhesive.
  • Our cloth padding is kept from the supplier and 100% reused when packing and shipping your order.
  • Our outer mail package is 100% biodegradable so you can pop it in your home compost.
  • We recycle all card box shipping boxes and reuse bubble wrap from our suppliers.

What we're working on:

  • Sourcing eco-friendly bubble mailer: Although we do reuse bubble wrap when we get orders from our suppliers, sometimes we do run out. We realise that this is plastic so we're working on trying to find alternatives, whilst making sure your crystals and jewellery get to you in pristine condition. If you know where to get this - please let us know!

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